Friday, May 9, 2008

"You have excellent credit history"

Ha! That's what one of my Payday loans told me when I logged in to see how much would be debited from my bank account on the date of my next paycheck. They love me apparently since I have paid off two loans in full with them. It was nice, although a bit funny, to hear that. At least someone thinks I have good credit history! The good news is I wasn't sure if I still had money on that loan left to pay and the balance is zero, yay!

This means I can devote $100 to paying off the balance of the OTHER Payday loan I took with another company at the end of April ($350 borrowed, $455 owed). If I pay the finance fee plus $100, I am pretty sure I can knock off the balance by 5/29, my next due date.

Organization is key to debt management I realize. Sallie's Niece of the past would get so discouraged that she would go days without checking her account balances for fear of getting depressed. The overdrafts, finance fees, late fee, etc. would add up. The new Sallie's Niece is going to know exactly how much she owes, to whom, and when it is due at all times.

I didn't spend any money at all yesterday except for the soda from the vending machine. Went home for lunch (had a pitiful chicken noodle soup but oh well, my parents gave me like a case). So I still have $20 cash on hand and $27 in the bank. It's hard to get encouraged by this pitiful balance but at least I know where it is!

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