Monday, May 12, 2008

Two Movies = Two Bucks!

A new movie theatre just opened in the city and to celebrate they are showing second run movies all this week for just two dollars!!

I haven't been to the movies in a while so I couldn't pass this up. A friend and I went to go see 10,000 B.C. - great movie and one that I probably wouldn't have paid the 10 bucks to see when it came out but that I rather enjoyed. We even snuck in to see about an hour of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix after that as well (which I, of course, saw on opening night already) and that was great! Plus the Taco Bell I had for dinner at the Food Court, I had a pretty great night for under ten dollars.

The night did have it costs, however. I had borrowed $200 from this friend a while back and had only been able to pay him back $100 so far. He has since lost his job and has been unable to find another one so I was too embarrassed to not address this elephant-in-the-room and give him a post dated check for the balance of the loan. Debt paid, yay! But now I'll have to adjust my alreading waning budget to deal with this development (more on that tomorrow).

I vow to never borrow money from friends again. It may seem like a good idea but it makes things awkward for all involved.


Jim ~ said...

I would be careful when it comes to money and friends. No amount of money is worth destroying a friendship over. I'm not sure about the hot check to 'pay' this friend back, because what if they cash it early and you have a negative balance already? What about friend C over on your short term debts? Hopefully you will be able to get yourself back on track and figuring out what you're going to do with money there on. 10k BC was entertaining but nowhere near as exciting as the Harry Potter movies.

Sallie's Niece said...

Thanks Jim, I agree, that's why paying my friends back is one of my top priorities. One down, two to go! Friend C paid for my travel expenses a few weeks ago and she considers it a gift but I plan on sending her the money as early as next week. I get paid tomorrow so I know Friend A won't deposit the check until then (because I explicitly told him not to). But you're right, no more borrowing from friends! I love Harry Potter too!