Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will my phone get shut off (again)?

So I get a text message from Sprint yesterday - payment is due now - and then an email this morning. Okay, I get it, payment is due. Sprint has turned off my phone many a time but actually the past couple of months (since I dumped my stingy sister who never paid me back from my bill) I've been good. The email said I have to pay NOW to avoid service interruption, but when I logged into my account, it looks like I have until the 24th.

So what's a girl to do? I'm going to just risk it because I have just 6 DAYS until my next paycheck and I really really want to get there without:

1. Borrowing money; or

2. Incurring any overdraft charges at the bank.

Last night wasn't the smartest night in terms of finances. I spent approximately $15 between beer and cigarettes but I just needed a venting session with a good friend.

AND this morning I forgot my yogurt and had to get breakfast at Dunkin Donuts at the cost of $4 cuz I was dragging myself to work.

So now, until next Wednesday I have $46 cash on hand - some of which I will spend today purchasing Mother's Day card and small gift; $107 in the bank ($80 of which will be taken when my payment to Aunt Sallie shows up).

I think I can do it. Usually my Dad gives me some pocket money when I come home so this weekend isn't a factor. I really only need to make it until Friday. Here's hoping I can do it.

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