Thursday, May 15, 2008


Got a rejection letter from a job I applied to a few weeks back. This one stung as I had interned at this place while in school for FREE and was quite knowledgeable of the field in which they specialize. I thought at least I would get an interview. This blows. Oh well, my field is a little different than most as some of the places I'm applying to are legally obligated to take the person with the highest credentials but still, this kinda sucks...

Yesterday I spent money. It was all because I skipped lunch to go to the gym and then walked by a chinese food place on the way home. Haven't had chinese food in SO long. Still, a Sesame Chicken + Egg roll combo usually lasts 2.5 meals for me and costs $7 so it wasn't so bad.

Then my friends came over and we each bout 2 22 oz. bottles of Smirnoff Ice for about $4.

Plus cigarettes @ $5.50.

So all told I spent $17 yesterday but this is rare I promise! I've been so anti-spending since I started the blog that I felt defeat for a while but it could have been worse I suppose. Tonight is a free night because Boyfriend came home last night a day earlier than usual and we get to watch Grey's Anatomy and Lost together.


asgreen said...

Spending $17 really isn't that bad. Plus the most important thing to do when you have a bad day spending wise is to then have multiple good days (and weeks if you can) of good days.

Anonymous said...

you gotta do something about your cigarette habit. It costs you too much..Not only money wise but also your health. $5.5 per pack? and you can not get deposit back from your landlord because of this habit? What about medical bills on later in life?

Sallie's Niece said...

No I know. I got a prescription from my doctor for a medicine that's supposed to make you quit. Haven't filled it yet. Tomorrow I'm having gum surgery and they are URGING me to quit ASAP so that the surgery takes. Will let you know how it turns out!