Monday, May 12, 2008

Online Banking - Or Else!

I am at a new level of mad only seen before in cartoons where steam starts to shoot out of a character's ears.

I have been SO on top of my finances lately, devoutly checking my account balance to make sure I do not incur the terrible Overdraft Monster. On Saturday, I knew that I had $27 in the bank. I went to an in-network ATM and withdrew $20. I get into work today, do my ritual calling the automated bank number just to confirm that I still have $7 left in my account.

What do I learn?

I have NEGATIVE $13 in my account!

I immediately get on the phone with a represenative to find out how this could have happened.

Here's the deal:

I apparently went to a couple out of network ATM branches during the month. So, in addition to paying the fees upfront at the ATMS (ranging from $1-$2), my bank assesses a fee at the END of the billing cycle based on how many out of network ATMS I used. The damage? $8.

AND I have apparently been calling the automated number TOO FREQUENTLY so they decided to charge me for that too! I expressed my frustration with the representative and she could relate to my situation and genuinely felt bad. She suggested I apply for Overdraft Protection and I told her I had already been denied. She then admitted to me that she had in fact been denied once before and had opened up a Savings Account linked to her Checking Account and had used Online Banking to transfer the funds when she had to cover an oferdraft.

I told her I had never used Online Banking at this particular bank and she told me it was easy (unlike HSBC where you need six million passwords that arrive in separate envelopes in the mail). So now I am using online banking because apparently I am not allowed to check my account balance by phone everyday. She said I will most likely incur an Overdraft Charge of $38 as well but to call back when it goes through and ask for a Courtesy Waiver.

So I'm pretty pissed but so far liking Online Banking. It shows you everything, where ATMS are and even copies of the checks you write.

AND I learned I can only SPEAK to a Customer Service Representative three times a month or I incur another fee. How's that for service? I hate banks!


Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've heard such a thing! They charge you for customer service??You should change your bank seriously.

Anonymous said...

I am signing up revolution money exchange through you! I hope it motivates you!

Sallie's Niece said...

Oh thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

undercover vixen said...

wow. what bank is that? that's crazy. You pay to be put on hold for 30 mins?