Thursday, May 29, 2008

Budget 5/29-6/10

This Budget Sucks. Well it being rent time, it's not much of a "budget" per se, but a list of people who will be enjoying my money instead of me.

Starting Balance: 1169

100 - Capital One (finally not maxed out anymore! $450 remaining)
100 - Student Loan (didn't pay enough last month, still owe $100+)
195 - Payday Loans (Kill me now, more on this later, may be getting $ back!)
690 - Rent

Total remaining = $84

Still need to pay:

$25 to the Dentist tomorrow
$15 prescription co-pay

Sad sad amount to live on for 13 days = $44

I went to school for seven years for this?!

Alas, I may be getting some money back but I can't put it in the budget if it's not for sure. But if it did, I still need to pay:

Overdue Utilities - $400
Overdue Student Loan - $100+

So alas, the debit card is locked in a drawer at home.


Anonymous said...

Some suggestions;
I wonder if you can put away half your rent every pay period, would that help?Instead of paying chunk of money one time, you can accumlate your rent throughout month. Krystal over givememyfivebucksback does that and seems like working for her.
Also I wonder if you focus one thing at a time, would you feel less overwhelmed? Like paying paydayloans completely in a month? because come on how are you going make13 days with $44?

Sallie's Niece said...

Yes, I do intend to start saving money towards rent each pay period but the last two pay periods I had way too many bills to pay. I hope it gets better. Not sure how I'll make it on $44 but I'll be sure to let you all know!

Anonymous said...

make sure not to use payday loan..perhaps your family can help out this month so that you dont have to use payday loan again ever...

Sallie's Niece said...

Yes I've really used my lesson. I'm going to write a post very soon on the dangers of payday loans but I'm still waiting for this situation to be resolved.

Jim ~ said...

You're looking at about $3 a day for two weeks, that's rough. How much more do you owe the payday loan place? That thing seems to be a parasite on your budget which makes you not able to meet the payments for student loans and your utility bills. I agree with the idea to separate the rent into half and half so you're not taking such a large hit all at once. Your student loan payment could probably be handled this way too.