Monday, May 19, 2008

Got My Money Back!

So I'm new to budgeting and this month was always going to be a little tight, but some things have changed (some good and some bad) since I laid out my Budget last week.

I had to pay $315 TWICE to my landlord a couple of weeks back. It was money that I owed him. Problem was: I wrote out a money order so that my check wouldn't bounce and HE LOST IT. It was my fault. I didn't tell him I was putting it in the envelope with the rent check so he didn't see it I guess. I went to the bank to see about cancelling it and they told me it would take 90 days to get it back. Frustrated, I just waited for the next pay period and paid him again, figuring I would wait the 90 days for the money to be returned to my account.

Well this weekend he calls and says HE FOUND THE MONEY ORDER. I was extremely happy to hear this. Took it to the bank this morning and boom, $315 back in my account.

Alas, it was needed as I have taken out $100 in cash since Thursday and still hadn't paid my student loans. And another payday loan that I must have forgotten about went through and I'm out another $65.

It's embarrasing that I am this bad with money. It really is. But I'm glad the money is back in the account. I promptly paid $100 to my student loans this morning and now will have enough to cover the $300 settlement I made to a Collection Agency that hasn't hit the account yet.

Luckily I can't eat any solid foods or smoke this week so I'm going to be pretty much spend free for the next couple of days.

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