Monday, May 19, 2008

Little by Little

I paid $50 to my Utilities company today. Still owe them $400. The sad thing is my utilities bill is only about $60 a month. I just never pay it until they send the threatening letters but I've paid them $250 in the past month and as soon as the past due amount is paid off, I vow to NEVER pay them late again.

I like writing down everything I pay on this blog. It helps me vent and keep track of where the money is going. Thanks to getting my $315 back ahead of schedule I can manage to make it to next week's payday without going broke.


asgreen said...

I find blogging about what I spend, really helps me focus on reaching my goals. It really makes a difference.

Jim ~ said...

Those utility bills can really stack up if you neglect them too long. Using the blog to track your bills is a good idea. I have a spreadsheet of the bills for the month, amount due, and due date. This helps me go down the line and mark them paid. I'm not a huge fan of auto pay because I like to have the control over when and how money is drafted from my account. It is hard to keep on top of things if payments are randomly coming out on me. Hope you can finally get your bills under control.

Sallie's Niece said...

Thanks, I'm trying. I've been burying my head under the sand for so long it may take a while before I see any real progress but hopefully I can wait that long!

ntbeachnc said...

Good luck with getting everything in order. I wanted to let you know that I added you to my blogroll and look forward to reading more.

Also, thanks for commenting on my blog about my decision to go to law school. I would love to be able to pick your if that's ok, e-mail me at beachgirlsblog at Thanks!