Friday, May 30, 2008

I Love Saving Money!

Ok, so today I read in the news that Spam is actually a lot more popular these days because people are trying to cut back on food prices!

I've never had Spam, but I can sympathize, being that I spend ten minutes yesterday trying to find the lunch rolls that were SUPPOSED TO BE $1.99 BUT WERE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

So confession: I rarely go to the supermarket. It's a hike without a car so I usually wait until someone can drive me and then wind up getting lots and lots of stuff - terrible, expensive, one time use only things too. Lately I just haven't been able to afford it I tell myself, so I haven't gone.

Then I realized I am actually spending money on food at the bodega quite a bit. The bodega is right around the corner so I'll pop in their for something small - milk, soda, cheese, etc. I usually only spend $5 or so but when you go all the time, it's a waste. I also had to suffer through a lunch yesterday of french fries in raspberry vinegrette and gerkin pickles. Needless to say, I was OUT OF FOOD.

So I proceeded to make a list - you can do this at my supermarket online and see what's on sale.

I needed the following things:

Yogurt (I eat one every morning for breakfast)

Lunch meat preferably ham


Ground beef
Something to make Boyfriend for dinner (I settled on Pork Chops and Shake and Bake)
Lunch rolls

I got all the above, plus two marinades for steak Boyfriend has in freezer for $26!!

I have never gone out of the supermarket spending less than $50 so I am a little proud of myself. Sure I had to walk about two miles but hey, excercise is good.

Tomorrow I am going to get a ride so I can buy bottles of soda on sale so I will never pay $1.25 at the vending machine again!

Tracking my expenses makes me feel really good. I've never really made a Grocery List with a budget in mind before.


PiggyBankBlues said...

wow, that's brilliant you're supermarket being online! i would save so much money if i had a plan beforehand, rather than be like, oh this looks good, and this...

congrats on beating your budget :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry about that deletion...

I honestly feel like we are twins from separate parents. Our lives (debt that is) mirror each other so much, that when I read your posts I am actually frightened.

I like you went to the grocery store and was able to get everything for lunch and some dinner stuff for $25.10. I was so proud of myself because I usually spend $50 on what? who knows.....

My utility bill also came in so high (past due, payment error all kinds of nonsense) but it had to be paid. I wish there was a magic carpet that I could ride on instead of in my car because gas is really slamming my budget, similar to the way that payday loan is irking your last nerve. And please let's not forget Capital One, I believe we have the same balance... Scary!!! but good luck and congrats!!!!