Thursday, May 8, 2008

No More Bank Fees!!!

So the other night (when I needed a venting session with a friend) she told me how much she hates overdraft fees. She hears me complain about them all the time and she even admitted to me that her boyfriend thought that he thought I was "irresponsible" for getting them. AND THEN she made a mistake with her bank, and found out the bank's policy of not just penalizing you for the charge that made you overdrawn, but ALL charges you made that day. That's because the bank can reorder the charges to get even more.

As much as I felt for her situation (hey I've been there more times than I care to admit) it helped to know I wasn't not alone. I found this article on The Street today talking about how banks are now relying on fees to make a profit.

My friend was so frustrated that she ended up opening an account at a local credit union. This is problematic for her, however, as she works in a different state and is in the process of moving slightly closer to work (though she's not sure what town yet) and now has to figure out where she's going to move AND what bank suits her needs best.

I told her if she has a good experience with the credit union I may join as well but my current bank is very convenient for me right now (branches close to work and home). I've also resolved to keep vigilant track of my account balance so that I never get overdrafted again!

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