Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Free Stuff Rules!

I feel a little remorseful still about my recent splurge but when I got home last night and the stuff was delivered into my apartment I was admitedly quite excited.

The TV (which I guess since I cancelled cable I didn't really need) also has a built in DVD player. This is pretty cool since I love sitting in bed and watching movies.

It looks pretty good on top of my FREE dresser. Yes, my bedroom is so small so not having a dresser for the past several weeks had made me such a slob.

My neighbor even left me a matching sidetable to the coffee table I bought, a power adapter, and a whole bag of canned goods! More was waiting outside the trash including a lovely bar stool I promptly rescued and brought to my kitchen and a shelf that now lives below the sink in my bathroom. All in all, I am pretty happy with the state of my apartment now.

I'm even going to make a little money today when I sell the coffee/espresso maker I never use to someone who responded to my craig's list ad!


Anonymous said...

Seems like some good deals! My only concern, spending $$$ on things you dont really "need" is the last thing you want to do at your current situation :( I know it is stressfull and you deserve it but instant gratification will take you nowhere...

Jim ~ said...

I guess I don't understand your thought process in spending money on stuff when you're behind on bills. In your situation with outstanding utility bills, payday loan payments, and things like that the money could have been utilized better. The dresser though was a great find because it didn't cost anything and you needed it. What good is the TV for if your electric gets cut off?

What's done is done though and you can only move forward. That guilty feeling you have is you were starting to notice the money. It is really hard for us to deny our natural impulses. Same thing can happen with food too--something that smells good makes us hungry. We have to learn to resist those things to avoid the impact to the budget or waistline. Since you have a DVD player go rent the documentary "Maxed Out" it is an eye opener on what credit can do to people.

Sallie's Niece said...

Yes I appreciate the comments. It was a dumb move I realize and I'm kicking myself for it now. But admitting my mistakes is one reason I like blogging - you can't hide from them. I guess it helped my psyche a little to have nicer things. I won't buy things I don't need again (now I said it so it's proof!!).

Anonymous said...

I believe in you;!show us what you are capable of girl!