Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Goals

It's July already, wow. The first eight days of this month are going to be pretty bleak as I pretty much blew through the rest of my paycheck this past weekend at Sister's Bachelorette Trip but it wasn't as much as I feared, owing to the fact that my parents helped out a lot and I tried to limit how much I drank (a good thing) when out at expensive bars. And I gotta say, the trip was worth it, we all had so much fun and I got a chance to bond with my Sister.

But, I do have a couple of items I purchased for the trip that were not used that I can return. This is a pain without a car and owing to the fact that I have plans tonight but I'm gonna see if I can do it ASAP so I will have money for the upcoming weekend. I also spent $65 on a work expense last week that I plan to seek reimbursement for.

On July 9th, however, I will be starting to focus in earnest on my July Goals. Here they are:

1. Actively seek professional development and additional income. I made a lot of progress with this last month, especially on the work trip and I want to devote more time/energy/some money to it as a way of enriching myself and my income.

2. Pay back Boyfriend and Friend C. Havings debts to friends is like an albatross around my neck and I'm looking forward to the day I can update that sidebar.

3. Avoid Evil Overdraft Monster. This will be an ongoing Goal. I want to keep a minimum account balance of $200 by the end of the month. Sort of like an Emergency Fund, but for me, more like an "I have overdraft fees" fund.

4. Only use in-network ATMS. To answer the question of "why am I using ATMs" in the first place: my primary bank account does not allow me to have a debit card. I have an old fashioned ATM card. I started out with a debit card but after being perennially overdrafted, my bank cut off my debt privileges for six months. I think the six month period may be ending soon, but in the meantime, I use cash. I like cash better anyhow. There are ATMS convenient to work and home, just sometimes I am lazy or unprepared and I want this to end.

5. Purchase Sister's Wedding Gift. Or at least one of them. The wedding is in August and if I wait too long all the good items on the registry will be taken.

So these are my goals. There are a lot of them. In reality, I am so excited after meeting my June Goals that I have started looking forward to August, September, etc. But those are the ones I am focused on this month.

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Savings not Shoes said...

Sallie, I must say that I love that you include spending in your goals as well. I think sometimes in this journey it's easy to go to the other extreme and feel guilt about spending. Tonight my sister asked me to contribute toward's my nephew's summer camp costs. Just five months ago, I was the one asking her for money. It's nice to be able to help out and have family see you as financially responsible. I'm glad you enjoyed your sister's party.