Friday, July 11, 2008

Paid Back My Boyfriend - Finally!

Boyfriend arrived home from traveling last night - he travels A LOT - and had a pleasant treat awaiting him in the form of $300!

This debt has been bothering me for months. What happened was I needed money to pay my rent. It was sometime March, way back in the middle of my financial crisis - before I started blogging of course. I was toying with the option of just floating the check (something I had grown all too fond of) and Boyfriend told me he would just write the check from his bank account and I would pay him the full amount in a couple of days.

I did write him two checks. One for $390 which he proceeded to cash the next day. The other one I told him to hold off for about a week. Then a week became a month and so it goes.

But, alas, I finally looked into the future and decided I would be Back in Black on July 9th. So finally I wrote him a new check and our debt is officially settled.

I am so grateful that he has been patient with me during all this time. I really really hate borrowing money and have resolved to never do it again. From a romantic standpoint, I realize it makes me less attractive as a potential partner if I am so lousy at handling money. I resolve to get better so I can keep this wonderful person in my life. (By the way, I think he was very impressed when he met me out last night where I was having dinner with a friend and I whipped out my own pocketbook to pay for my share!)

So things are still a little tight until the next payday (nothing I'm not use to already!) but then I can finally accumulate my Emergency Fund.

One more Friend Debt to handle in the amount of $60 but I hope that this will be tackled ASAP as well.

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Andy said...

Well done. Despite your debts I like your financial ethics in that you want to get rid of debts as soon as possible and not use it as an excuse.