Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Was Reimbursed - Just in Time!!!

So approximately 30 days after my work trip I have received my reimbursement check!

It's $247 and while I could think of six million other ways in which I could allocate this money, unfortunately it's not really up to me as I allowed Boyfriend to put $165 towards the trip on his credit card. But the remaining $82 will definitely come in handy as I'm already thisclose to blowing my Budget and still have six more days until Payday.

Where has the money been going? Well, the thing about Budgeting is I have been realizing just how cheap I've been for the past couple of months and now that I am finally not as broke I've been trying to pay for things that I'm not used to paying for. Like beer. And my own groceries. I haven't gone crazy and done anything like when I bought $100 in used furniture but I did buy a $20 necklace from a co-worker who was selling them from a Avon-like service (it's really cute I swear and I NEVER buy jewelery).

As soon as my rent increase goes through and my Deferred Compensation deductions start coming out I am going to start a Master Budget where I plan for everything, not just my bills, so I can finally master my money.

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