Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where it Went 06/25-07/08

I finished out this two week cycle with $6 in the bank, yay! I avoided the Evil Overdraft Monster but it was close. Actually, a check I wrote for a business expense has not yet been processed so I was a little worried but thankfully I came out okay.

So, here's how I did compared to the Budget I made for myself:

Rent - 690/690
Professional Fee - 65/0 (hasn't cleared yet)
Payday Loan - 195/195 (finally beat them, read about it here)
Hair Cut if I have time - 30/0 (no time for hair but needs to be done soon!)
Sister's Bachelorette Trip - 240/243.50 (Yay!)

Not Budgeted For But Paid:

92 - Cash Withdrawals
33 - random crap I bought for the Bachelorette Trip in Addition to all the other stuff I listed!

A little upset that I bought so much crap BUT luckily I returned a couple of things we didn't use after the fact and made $19 in returns. And we did have a blast.

But I gotta say to all those budget conscious bachelorettes out there, don't spend too much money! Just get these rings at Walmart for $5, they turned out to be the highlight of the weekend!

One thing I've learned from blogging and budgeting thus far is I gotta start budgeting for my spending more, not just my bill paying. I'm not spending a lot. Heck, I only spent $92 in 14 days for a grand total of $6.50 a day. I probably would have spent less if I could only quit smoking! But for the past week I have been petrified of the work expense hitting my bank account and not spending any money at all. It's going to help now that the Payday loans are gone, but I want to actually have some spending cash on me and not worry so much. I will post my new budget ASAP and try to take these things into consideration.

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pennypincher said...

I am in the beginning stages of planning a bachelorette party for an old roommate. Wish me luck.