Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I've been trying to pay off all the "short term debts" I accumulated in order for me to really start saving an Emergency Fund and attacking other debts.

Unfortunately, everywhere I turn there comes a new short term debt. It's very frustrating and despite my efforts to live on a budget (which are going very well I think) I keep on having to budget in unanticipated costs. It's like every two weeks there's a new emergency.

So, I've updated my sidebar to include the following:

Boyfriend Debt - thought this was paid off but it turns out the $300 I owed him was actually $390 due to a misunderstanding - he had deposited the smaller of two checks I gave him when he originally gave me money for my rent. That adds $90 to the total. Plus the $165 I was supposed to pay him back for the expense I was reimbursed for that he put on his credit card. I used it to pay my Sprint bill instead. While I can't exactly say paying Sprint was unanticipated, I just thought they would wait until tomorrow and they might have but in the end, since Boyfriend already paid his credit card bill - and because I'm currently giving him free legal work - I went ahead and sent Sprint two months of payment at once. This brings the grand total I owe Boyfriend to $255.

Mom Debt - a whole new category. Despite pledging to give me money for Sister's Bachellorette Trip, she instead gave me her debit card. I returned it to her and gave her a full accounting of what was paid and offered to pay some of it back. An offer which she declined. Well, in the light of day, I suppose she has changed her mind and has asked for $100 to be refunded. This is fair, I admit, but rather annoying. I feel like dealing with my parents and money is like having two hands that don't talk to the other. In all likelihood I will send my Mom this money the same day my Dad calls and ask me if I need money (which he has not done since I last posted BTW). It bothers me that they are not on the same page but I don't need their money anymore so I will send it to her as soon as I can.

And even worse is I've already done my budget for the next pay period - starting tomorrow- and I can't afford to pay even one red cent to either of these debts. I try really hard not to get discouraged but so it goes.


Savings not Shoes said...

I can relate to your desire to pay off short term debts and get your family out of your finances. It's great that you are changing and it may take others time to accept that you have a different attitude towards money (is this a fad?). Remember that it took a long time to get into this mess, so it's going to take some time to get out. Keep strong!

ldub said...

also, keep in mind that it's not that these "setbacks" are coming up more often, but that, because you're now keeping track of your finances, you're noticing them. you just keep on handling them as they come, and it'll get easier.

i swear that all of the people i know who've doggedly worked out of debt felt like we had at least one setback almost as soon as we started... then later we realized that we'd racked up or excused a lot of our debt based on past "setbacks." now they're just the things that come up! you'll be fine, just keep going even when you're discouraged!