Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where it Went 07/09 - 07/22

I learned a lot in the last Budget period - about actually having cash in the bank and the temptations it brings. I didn't mess up so much but I definitely spent more than I'm used to, owing to the fact that I am no longer battling the Payday Loan companies. I repaid Boyfriend and then found out that I didn't repay him enough and also used reimbursement money I owed him to instead pay my cell phone bill. All in all, not the best two weeks, but some progress was made.

So, without further complaints, here's how I spent compared to the Budget I laid out for myself:

Sallie - 406/406.96
Job Expense - 65/60 (got the amount wrong, will be reimbursed eventually)
Transfer to Other Checking Account - 200/200
Lab fees from my physical - 12/11.73
Nice Collection Agency - 125/125.81
Boyfriend Debt Payoff - 300/300
Me Money - 119/188.75

Not Budgeted But Paid

Sprint - 164.90 (read about that here)
Necklace - 20 (sold by my coworker, it's really cute but I definitely didn't need it)
Groceries - 33.38

So it appears like I grossly overspent but getting my reimbursement check of $247 helped. I also stopped letting Boyfriend pay for everything and picked up my share of groceries, $20 in laundry costs, worms on our camping trip, a six pack of beer and dinner out with a friend (all included under "Me Money.")

And due to poor planning, work being busy and persistant rain, I didn't make it home for lunch 3 times and spent a total of $18 on lunch out (not so bad but avoidable if I had planned in advance). I also bought a total of 3 sodas from the vending machine I've worked so hard to avoid recently (all also included under "Me Money.")

What I've learned is whatever money is in the bank I will spend. So my solution: hide it! Or budget for everything. I don't know. I'm still working on it but the budget for the next pay period is a lot leaner. Stay tuned!


ldub said...

oof - i'm with you. too much "me money" this week, which i justified with needing work clothes that fit for a big event and having done some more freelance work. that said, it's going to make next month a little tight when i have a trip plus a larger planned expense. now that i've gotten disciplined about cash, i feel so guilty if i do spend it on anything other than debt elimination!

Sallie's Niece said...

Update - I just remembered that $15 of the "Me Money" was spent on prescriptions and $20 was spent on a gift for a friend who broke her ankle. Makes me feel a little less wasteful to note that.