Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Budget 07/23 - 08/06

So here it is, the new Budget. It's not very exciting since rent is due. What's changed is now my rent is higher and my income is lower (thanks to my contribution to the Deferred Compensation plan). Also $19 was stolen from me by my bank but I'm too angry to post about that now.

Starting Balance = 1117

Rent - 725 (rent went up by $35)
Capital One - 50
Bridesmaid Dress Accessories - 60 (that I don't need but my sister = Bridezilla!)
Gym - 46 (last payment since I cancelled membership)

Left over for me - 236

I want to buy Sister's Wedding Present at this time but not sure I can swing it yet as it costs about $150. With the wedding 29 days away the registry is running dangerously low so my options are limited at this point.

And since I keep saying I will start allocating my spending or at least guessing at it, here it goes:

- 56 (cigarettes)
- 40 (lunch supplies)
- 60 (weekend money)
- 5 (mailing stuff)

Not sure about the rest. I do have a $45 doctor's bill I have to pay as well. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Must quit smoking!!! It costs you alot of money and it will cost you alots of money when you are sick :(

Sallie's Niece said...

I know. Sigh. It's one of my goals but it's been hard to accomplish thus far. :-(

ldub said...

for your sister, i know she's bridezilla, but when you're really close to the couple getting married, it IS considered acceptable and even nicely sentimental to go off-register for something very personal (as i understand it, registries were set up in the first place to make sure that you got desirable stuff from those who might not know what you need or want as a newly married couple). perhaps you can go a little less expensive, but more creative, like with a book about travel that they could look through for inspiration in their adventures as a married couple, a set of movies that they love or in a genre they love (nothing like a good set of katharine hepburn classics!), etc. another thing i did for my brother that really delighted him was that i wrote him and his soon-to-be-wife each a long letter (by hand) the night before their wedding, sealed it up and dated it for a year from the date, and gave it to them to open on their anniversary. it was just neat... something to remember how we were all feeling just a year before. i dunno... i'm just all for the creative/cheap options, and i swear there are lots of them!

Sallie's Niece said...

Oh yes a sentimental gift, I had thought about that. Unfortunately my sister won't appreciate anything that's not from Williams Sonoma. I swear she registered for a new can opener just because she could! She've even started to criticize any gift she has gotten that hasn't been on the registry. As time is a factor at this point I may just get them something small from the registry (salad spinner) and then give them a gift card to use on their honeymoon. I don't know. I'm gonna decide more after my rent check clears next week.

ldub said...

all in all, just sounds like it'll be awesome to be done with her wedding!

Sallie's Niece said...

Yeah it's safe to say. Though I don't want to be too harsh - it will be better financially but I still want to enjoy her day with her of course.