Friday, July 18, 2008

Boyfriend Found My Blog!!!

Okay, well Boyfriend has officially visited the blog. It's not like it was a secret. I even emailed him the URL a while back and he claimed he didn't get it and then we kind of had an unspoken agreement that he was too busy to read it, etc. and besides, he thought he knew everything. So I kept blogging.

But then on Wednesday, this conversation happened:

me: but guess who's blog was featured on msn today?
Boyfriend: who's blog?
me: mine!!!
Boyfriend: no shit
me: yeah i mean not the tv show but a blog they run i got a lot of new readers because of it
Boyfriend: cool nice job!
me: thanks! :) i didn't even know until someone emailed me directly
Boyfriend: where's the article?
me: umm well you may not want to read it as it doesn't exactly depict me in the best of lights
Boyfriend: uhoh
me: unless you want to
i don't know, it's honest, it's just like a summary of my blog thus far
Boyfriend: it's up to you
me: how bout you read it in a few months when i make even more progress? but just know that yours truly was in the news!
Boyfriend: k
me: <3>
Boyfriend:pretty cool
me: yeah i thought so

I was still pretty happy about being featured on MSN's Smart Spending blog and the nice comments I have received as a result (even the not-so-nice ones gave me a sort of push to keep going).

So despite pledging that he would not go look for the blog, curiosity got the better of Boyfriend and he revealed to me that he found it. And he loves it! He read every post and thinks I should definitely keep at it. :-)

I told him I wouldn't censor anything just because he may or may not be reading (see for example, the next post where I reveal that I spent Boyfriend's portion of my reimursement check on my Sprint bill). But I'm happy to have one more reader. Welcome!


Chicky Finance said...

hahaha it is cool!~

budgets are sexy said...

Yeah for real! BF finding your blog AND getting featured on MSN?! Dang girl, sexciting like woah over there :)

Anonymous said...

haha my boyfriend has my blog in his feed reader!