Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where it Went 6/11-6/24

I'm proud to report I finished out this budgeting period with a POSITIVE balance! Granted it was only $0.69 but it's much better than dealing with the Evil Overdraft Monster.

So here's how I did compared to the Budget I laid out for myself:


65 - Utilities (65)
48 - Cell (48.65)
175 - Payday Loan (175)
125 - Nice Collection Agency (125.81)
406 - Student Loan (406.96)
225 - Work Trip (38.50 - more explanation below)
85 - Boyfriend Birthday Gift (75)

Not Budgeted For But Paid:

50 - Credit Card - this payment wasn't yet due but I worried about being able to make the payment so close to rent being due and while on Sister's Bachelorette Trip next weekend so I just went ahead and paid some to it in advance.

207.50 - Cash Withdrawals. This is much higher than I anticipated. There are several explanations but the main reason is: I can't live on 90 bucks for two weeks. Just can't do it. Luckily I'll have a more realistic Budget in effect in two more weeks. $40 of this was spent on accessories for Sister's Bachelorette Trip (sigh).

Boyfriend's Birthday Gift - only ended up being $75 but I did withdraw $40 on Boyfriend's Birthday Weekend since we were out of town.

So..the work trip. I want to post more on this experience later as I found it very valuable and it may mean for some additional income soon. But, bottom line is, Boyfriend offered to put most of the expenses on his Credit Card since he knew I didn't have enough credit available on mine. I hate to rely on him like this but I promised as soon as I got the reimbursement check I would give it to him (work is paying for the trip). I also told him the additional money I owed him would be paid back in just two more weeks.

So, there it is. I consider it a victory considering it's the first time in recent memory I have not withdrawn my account in a two week period. Baby steps, I realize, baby steps.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you did it stay within your budget! Remember when I told you you can not live on $90? Now, this is what I did myself. List things you need during a pay period; realistically! Not like "ohh well I walk,or I only eat in bf house" :)For me $300 per pay period is enough. It covers my fix expenses and eating out, gas etc. I have feeling you need around $300 too.

Jim ~ mydebtblog.com said...

At least you got rid of the payday loan sharks and your boyfriend is helping during the short. I would make sure to get him paid back quickly so you can manage things like this on your own. At least you have come to realize that you cannot live on $90 for two weeks. It's much easier to figure things out when you take your income and go down the line of expenses.

Sallie's Niece said...

Yes, things have been so tight that I've had to rely on others more than I would like but one more payment to Payday loans (clearing tomorrow) and I am free forever! Then I can start allocating a realistic amount for everyday expenses.