Friday, June 20, 2008

The Work Trip Means Lean Weekend

So I just booked my train ticket for the work trip I'm taking. I know I'm getting the money back but it's frustrating to have it go out the door when I so want to be able to have a fun weekend. I guess I should see it as an investment in myself. When I complete this work trip I will be eligible for more money (yay!). Not like a raise. It doesn't even have to do with my current job (even though they're footing the bill) but it makes me eligible to bring in additional work outside of my primary employer. I'm still learning about the process (that's what the trip is for) so I don't know what the likelihood of me being able to start picking up outside work right away is. Also, I must emphasize this: even though it will mean more money, it will also mean MORE WORK.

Oh well, the bills don't pay themselves I guess. I'm currently looking into expanding my income in several ways. Alas, you have to spend money to make money sometimes.

For example, I want to be able to do real estate closings. And for $150 I can purchase the CD/workbook that explains how to do all this. I've considered looking for a mentor who can help me with the process, but I probably should get the book anyway. Once I get this going, I can make about $400 a weekend for just a couple hours of work.

BUT: I have no experience so who would hire me? Also: no liability coverage. Need to investigate policies.

Also, for a one-time $150 fee I can become a licensed Real Estate Agent. That sounds pretty awesome because of my recent interest in Real Estate.

But: I have no experience and who would hire me?

So there it is, all the dirty litle secrets I can share anonymously today.


Anonymous said...

You already have law degree. If you focus on that you can make tons of money!

undercover vixen said...

o wow.. i have been wondering what she studied... are you sure its law? and that's what she is getting paid? no way