Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Budget 06/25--7/08

I wish it were July 9th RIGHT NOW because I would finally have money!!! But alas, this pay period is same old visit to Being Broke Town. I know I shouldn't get ahead of myself, BUT on July 9th I can 1) Pay Back Boyfriend AND 2) Start Emergency Fund!

But, right now, owing to my soon-to-be-annulled marriage to Payday Loans and the upcoming Sister's Bachelorette Trip, here's what I got:

Starting Balance: 1220

Rent - 690
Professional Fee - 65 (will be reimbursed)
Payday Loan - 195 (LAST ONE!!!)
Hair Cut if I have time - 30 (or less)

Which leaves us with about $240, which would be PLENTY if I didn't have to go on this trip this weekend.

Oh, the glory of being a Maid of Honor. My parents have sworn up and down they will help BUT they tend to underestimate the cost of things so we'll see how much they can help with.


Jim ~ said...

Just be careful on the bachelorette trip because those things can get out of hand. Along with getting your BF paid back and starting an EF, what about your overdue utilities? I would get current with everyone before you catch up one item to neglect another. On the bright side at least those payday loans are gone. Yay!

Sallie's Niece said...

Hi, yes, good point, those pesky utilities. I made an agreement with them that they will tack on $35 to my bill each month instead of me having to pay the whole amount up front. I'm not sure if I can pay more than that each month now but I'll find out when I get my next bill I suppose.

Sallie's Niece said...

And yes, farewell to payday loans. Look forward to a whole new post declaring vistory in the near future. :-)