Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where it Went 5/29-6/10

I am closing out this pay period with a POSITIVE balance for once. Yes, not something to get truly excited about but for me this means a lot. I currently have $137 in the bank and $5 cash on hand! Looks can be deceiving, however, as $127 of that money has been paid to Sallie Mae and I am waiting for it to clear and acting as if it does not exist. So, all told, I have managed to avoid the Evil Overdraft.

So, here's how I did on my budget set on May 29th:

Budgeted (Actual)

Starting Balance = 1169

100 - Capital One (100)
100 - Student Loan (227)
195 - Payday Loans (75)
690 - Rent (690)
25 - Dentist (0 - turns out I already paid my deductible)
15 - prescription co-pay (15)

Not budgeted for but paid:

145 - Cash Withdrawals (including $35 association fees, more on that later)
26 - Groceries

Total Spent - 1178-5 cash on hand = 1173

Which leaves me with a discrepancy of $4. Hmm.

Well, close enough for me, I'm in the black for once and getting paid at midnight! I should note some other things about these past two weeks:

The reason why I was able to divert $127 more to my student loans was that I received $120 back from my bank after I disputed a payday loan transfer.

Too much cash was spent in my opinion. I did some grocery shopping and was able to get everything I really needed for under $30 but then when Boyfriend went grocery shopping later, I decided to chip in $15 even though I didn't really need the things he was buying (except for the soda that I've been bringing to work). I also took money out of the ATM in order to take a train to see my family. When I ended up not needing train money, I went to the movies with it instead. So that's where it went and tomorrow stay tuned to see where the next paycheck is going!

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