Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Student Loans Are The Devil!

So there I am doing mental arithmetic last night in bed, trying to plan my next budget when I noticed something fairly disturbing. I am currently paying two student loans on my own right now, monthly totals are as follows:

  • Aunt Sallie Mae - $406

  • Defaulted Loan - $260

I added them up and realized I am paying $666 a month in student loans!!!

Are student loans "the devil?" AND damn, that's a lot of money. Oh well. Maybe I should up the amount I'm paying to $667 as to be less creepy? I'm not a suspicious person but it was too funny not to share this realization!


Shtinkykat said...

That's no coincidence! It's bad juju! Just kidding. But I am superstitious about stuff like that so I'd add 50 cents to a buck to my payment to make sure I'm not paying six-six-six. Of course, I'm not superstitious enough to make my payments 7-7-7, though!

Escape Brooklyn said...

Ha! That's kind of awesome and actually really appropriate. Maybe I'll increase my monthly payment from $500 to $666 -- just to show 'em what I really think!

Budgets are Sexy said...

Fooozeball is also the devil!

paisley penguin said...

OMG - I would totally round up cause I can be superstitious!

Daizy said...

I thought the same thing when my mortgage balance was $66,600. Too many 6's, I had to pay more so it wouldn't be evil anymore (but it it still evil).