Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Budget 10/29 - 11/12

I got my reimbursement back from my work trip! $65 - of which $7 was spent on lunch (don't kill me, we have no food at home and it's cold out). The remaining $58 will be folded into my bi-monthly budgeting as follows:

Starting Balance = 1195 (1134 + 58 + 3)

Savings - 50
Rent - 725
Water - 50
Sprint - 65
Utilities - 85 ($40 towards Payment Agreement)
Capital One - 20
Boyfriend - 50
Hobby - 35
Groceries - 50
Misc. - 65

As I recently learned from Landlord, I owe four years of back water bills to the tune of $400. I wanted to pay $100 a month towards this new annoying debt but alas I can't afford to right now.

Sprint's initial bill of $48 must have been a teaser to entice me to switch plans because now it's up to $65 but it is at least marginally cheaper than before.

Utility debt and Boyfriend debt are tied at $245 a piece. I want to pay off Boyfriend by Christmas and assuage myself of Bad Girlfriend Guilt. I also need to get him a small anniversary gift as we are coming up on our first anniversary, yay!!!

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Shtinkykat said...

Don't feel too bad. I've fallen off the "don't buy lunch at work" horse too. We should both try to make efforts to get back on. Re: anniversary gift to BF, how about homemade coupons for certain services like 15 min. neck/shoulder/back massage, homebaked cookies, homemade favorite dinner etc.? :-P