Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where it Went 07/23 - 08/05

Two weeks ago I laid out a budget that actually included spending projections for the first time, not just bill payments. I was excited to see how close to my projections I could be. Then it all got blown out the window when I needed to make a $260 payment to Evil Collection Company for my defaulted student loans.

Needless to say, everything needed to be revamped. And, in fact, I did not have $260 to spare so Boyfriend stepped in and helped me out to the tune of $120. He was afraid that I would have taken another Payday loan to remedy the situation. Luckily that didn't happen and I can now start paying him back the total of $345 owed to him.

Anyhow, here's where my money went over the past two weeks compared to the budget I made:


Rent - 725/725
Capital One - 50/50
Bridesmaid Dress Accessories - 60/20 (yay!)
Gym - 46/0 (this hasn't posted and I'm not sure it will since I cancelled my membership)
Weekend Money aka Spending Cash - 60/28
Cigarettes - 56/12 (I quit!!!)
Lunch Supplies - 40/40
Mailing Stuff - 5/0 (didn't mail yet)

Not Budgeted But Paid

Doctor's Bill - $85.05 (a couple of unpaid visits finally caught up with me)
Defaulted Student Loan - $260

By quitting smoking, I had less opportunity to have cash on me so I only ended up spending $28 in micellaneous unaccounted for cash. Sweet. In reality, this is partly due to the fact that I was waiting for my checks to clear and was afaid to spend anything.

Not included above are a couple of things I used other funds for:
I put an $11 bottle of wine on my credit card last night so I'll need to account for that by the end of the month.

I also bought Thai food ($9) with my other bank account's card the other night with some of the money that was budgeted for my last gym membership payment.

Still have not purchased Sister's Wedding Gift but hopefully will do that today (payday!).

All in all, quitting smoking was quite possibly the best thing I could have done for myself financially. Little things like thai takeout seem more affordable now that I am not wasting and average of $40 a week on cancer sticks.


Jim ~ said...

Glad you were able to quit smoking to save even more money to go to other expenses. The thing you should try to get away from is your BF stepping in when you don't have money to pay a bill. It slows down the progress of getting current on other things like your utilities. The $800 student loan payment sounds very similar to what my wife is dealing with. What pisses me off about collection calls is they call you up to demand money out of you. It sucks to not be able to pay a bill when you don't have the money. If you had the money, wouldn't you be paying the bill? The saga of continued debt moves along. Good luck with that though.

undercover vixen said...

o wow.. you have managed to stop smoking all this time. Congratulations... I will be so happy if i see you made it till the end of the year!