Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Budget 08/06 - 08/19

Today has been long and stressful, making me think more and more about cigarettes. But, to keep my mind off of that, I will post my new budget to show myself how I really just can't afford to smoke anymore. Here it is:

Starting Balance = 1157

Aunt Sallie Mae - 406
Defaulted Student Loan - 260 (even though I just paid them, I wanted the monthly deductions to go through on the 15th of the month)
Nice Collection Agency - 125
Utilities - 85 (includes $35 towards overdue amount)
Sister's Wedding Present - 150
Boyfriend Debt - 50

Left Over For Me - 81

- 5 Mailing Stuff
- 40 Food
- 15 Beer

So, as you can see, I couldn't afford to smoke even if I wanted to as I would only have $21 left after all is said and done and that now only buys 3 packs of cigarettes.

(And no compromise on Sister's Wedding Present as I already bought it earlier today - more on that later).

Maybe I don't need to buy beer but I need one right now so I'm going to on my way home.

I asked Aunt Sallie Mae if I could lower my payments and she said maybe. Waiting for final approval as the addition of the Defaulted Student Loan has given me a serious cashflow problem.

In the meantime, when life hands you lemons...I don't know, drink beer.


Meg said...

"When life hands you lemons, just add vodka."

That's my favorite lemon saying of all. The end of your post reminded me of it. ;)

Savings not Shoes said...

You can do it! Think how nice it will be to have these collection guys off your back! And you must quit smoking (I recently have as well, as sit chomping on "gum"). The money excuse alone doesn't work to quit, but it sure helps add to the cons side. I'm rooting for you!

Jim ~ said...

Didn't anyone tell you the answer's are at the bottom of the bottle? I'm still looking for them myself. Just stay in the black and you'll be fine.