Thursday, October 18, 2012

Occasional Student Loan Debt Roundup

So, what happens when you go six months without counting up your student loan debt?

A. You totally forget to pay your bills and spend $5,000 at the mall; or

B.  "Suddenly" you look and you've paid off over $5,000 in debt!

Don't despair, dear readers, the answer is happily B.  I actually did forget to pay one of my student loans a few months back.  The Perkins loan is the only one not on automatic withdrawal because I am snowballing it and the web site isn't smart enough to let me do that automatically.  Luckily I wasn't "late" with my payment since they consider me paying ahead already.  Phew.

Without further ado, here is the roundup:

For the first time I realized that since my parents technically are responsible for the Private Undergrad Loan (it's just on my credit score so I keep it on the list) that I've actually been in the Five Figure Debt Club for quite some time.  Not counting that loan, I *only* have about $89k in outstanding student loan debt.

But, of course, I do count that loan and maybe someday, if circumstances change, I will have to make payments on it so the official Under $100k Student Loan Debt Party is postponed probably until April/May of 2013 which is right around the corner if you think about it.

A lot can happen in the next six months and we are eagerly awaiting news on multiple different fronts.  Hopefully by the day five figure debt becomes a reality we will have some answers on moving, new jobs, family building, etc.  Stay tuned.