Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm a Working Mom!

So much has changed since my last post.  My world changed forever in late May when my son was born.  He is healthy, wonderful and we are so so happy to be his parents.

I had an amazing four month maternity leave with mostly time I had accrued through my years of saving up my PTO, plus a generous six weeks from my employer (though a bit too little too late at that point). I came back to work two weeks ago and last Wednesday turned in my two weeks notice.


After years and years of making around $50,000 I will be jumping up to a salary of nearly $75,000. The job is still in public service so it will have many of the same benefits that made my current job appealing but at a pay rate that is more commiserate with my years of experience.  I'm sure it will be challenging in other ways but, after tackling parenthood, I think I can manage.

My husband also started a new job a month ago with a decent salary increase so the $1,000 a month we are spending on day care hasn't affected our budget thankfully.  Now more than ever our eyes are on the goal of buying a house and we hope to achieve this goal by Spring 2014.

Student loans?  Yup, still paying them.  I need to log into my accounts and make sure, but I'm almost positive I've hit the "Under $100k" goal recently so hurray!