Monday, February 29, 2016

What happens when you get a baby, a new house and a new job...

and you can't check your email at the new job?

You sort of stop blogging.

And then you get a second baby!

But I wanted to post an update, if only for my own records, just to see how I am plugging along at the good old student loan debt.

Last time I updated the totals was October of 2012 and it was $106,091.70. So, you know, a whole ton of money but down from $137, 779.31 when I started blogging in July of 2009.

So now three and a half years later I'm happy to report the new total is:


Wow.  It's still a huge sum of money, don't get me wrong but it is now finally less than one year's salary and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is the breakdown:

Subsidized Stafford - $35,609.57 @4.625%
Unsubsidized Stafford - $29,565.75 @4.625%
Private Undergrad Loan* - $5,697 @variable less than 3% but I can't see exact number currently
Defaulted Private Loan - $4,398.84 @0%
*My parents pay this loan but it's under my name so I include it in the total debt in case that arrangement were to cease.

I keep getting a robocall saying I am eligible for consolidation which is crazy considering I consolidated most of these loans nearly a decade ago but I may call the number back just in case it's possibly true.  At 26 years old having my payments capped at the low monthly payment of $406 no matter how much my income increased was appealing.  At 36 I'm realizing I still have TWENTY YEARS of paying these stupid loans and I may want to make some changes.

Anyway just getting my feet wet in blogging again.  Money has been on my mind a bunch lately so hopefully I can assemble some thoughts into a few new posts soon.

On the life front: my oldest son is turning 3 in a few months and I got a little guy who is eight months old.