Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Budget 08/20 - 09/02

Payday at last! I've been working and reworking this budget all day! Well not all day as that would be completely unproductive of me. I've also been fielding calls about the wedding this weekend - so glad it's finally here! This budget is all screwed up because of the wedding, a music festival, and guess what, ANOTHER wedding! But here's the big bad truth as to where my hard-earned Benjamins will be headed this pay period:

Starting Balance = 1136

Rent - 725
Sprint - 83
Capital One - 20
Beauty - 60
Travel - 40

Left Over = 208

Wedding Weekend Money (tips, cabs, etc.) - 50
Music Festival (Labor Day weekend) - 60
Old Roommate Wedding Shower Gift - 50

There's some flexibility in the "left over" numbers because luckily I only have 5 more workdays until my next payday (isn't it funny how I spend the most money when I'm at WORK?). Next weekend I am going to a music festival with Boyfriend (tickets are already paid for) and I want to have some walking around money for drinks, souvenirs, etc. but I don't technically NEED $50 to spend.

As for Old Roommate's Wedding Shower Gift? I am not going to the shower (out of state) and I have one more paycheck before it occurs. Etiquette dictates that I send a gift to the shower since I have been invited. The problem, however, is that if I wait until my next paycheck to buy the gift, it will probably arrive AFTER the shower. Is this an etiquette faus paux? I don't know. Readers? Luckily, Old Roommate has a far more modest registry than my sister. My friends are dropping like flies, but like Katherine Heigl, I'm always a bridesmaid. Ha!

Oh, and a note about Sprint, my optimization should knock about $20 off my monthly bill but it hasn't gone through yet.


Jim ~ said...

Payday is always a fun time to get to each month. At least you are figuring out what you need to pay what is necessary. Once these other events are over I think you'll have more money to handle some of these other debts you have out there. I wouldn't worry about the shower gift, you got to buy food at some point too. It's not selfish to put certain things in front of others.

Sallie's Niece said...

Oh yes I did forget to put food in there, yikes! Well there's still $40 unaccounted for that I could use for food. I may have to revist the budget after this weekend though but that's my best estimate for now. Thanks for your input!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's all that bad to send the gift after the shower. Maybe send a card to arrive for the shower so that she knows you haven't forgotten, and send the gift afterwards. If she's a real friend, she will understand that your finances don't revolve around her marital status. BTW, what's the deal with bridal showers in the US - do you do that in addition to the engagement party?!? Sounds like a gift grabbing free-for-all...

paisley penguin said...

For weddings I know ettiquite dictates you have up to a year after the event to get a gift. Not certain about showers.