Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Carnival Time!

I am happy to report that my post on Saving Money at the Movies was picked for The Carnival on Personal Finance over at Squawkfox. I guess some people weren't exactly thrilled that I advocated sneaking into a second movie, but hey, it's just an idea. Anyway, check out the carnival and find some cool and helpful articles (not about stealing).

I love Carnivals because it introduces me to new blogs and bloggers. I've recently started using a Google Reader so now I can read posts more efficiently. Today I found a few more blogs to add to my reader! Here are some of my favorite posts from the Carnival:

  • The Money Answer Guy is a college student who lives on just $600 a month. I liked this post because he budgets money every month to buy flowers for his financee. Aww.
  • If you like controversial topics, then head over to Broke Grad Student who declares he never gives money to homeless people. That's just mean, but let him explain it to you. In my experience, I know what it's like to get jaded by seeing the same beggars time after time but generally if I have a buck to spare I give it away. When I lived in a bigger city I would buy a burger for one homeless man on my street. It is hard when you see so many needy people on a daily basis and know you can't help them all but I don't think I would ever draw a line in the sand like he has.
  • Jennifer at Saving Advice writes What Atari Taught Me About Personal Finance. I'm a little too young for Atari but I do remember that our Nintendo NES games growing up were a special treat only to be given on birthdays and holidays and my siblings and I had to share them.

Reading new articles in a perfect way to usher in the work week. Enjoy!

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Blowsabella said...

I used to spare money to homeless people all of the time when I was in high school, but in college a man from the salvation army came to speak to my sociology class and convinced me it was a bad idea. He explained that the worst thing you could do was give a homeless person money, because it encourages them to stay in the situation they are in. The best thing to do is carry around some business cards for the local homeless shelter, or at least always know how to give directions. Maybe some people wouldn't agree, and sometimes i do cave, but I think the salvation army dude was really onto something.

Oh, and side note: I am a sucker for really honest signs i.e. the kid i saw on the street corner the other day that had a sign that read "need money... a cop stole my weed" That guy got two dollars...