Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Goals

It's already the 5th of August, yikes! I haven't spent much money this month (because I don't have any) so it's okay that I'm a little late posting my goals. Some of them are old goals because of how I screwed up a little in July. What I failed to mention was that July was actually a great month goal-wise because I quit smoking and made a payment agreement with my defaulted student loan.

So, here are my goals for August:

1. Establish Emergency Fund. I thought I could start this out by keeping a certain threshold in my Checking Account but that has proved impossible. I need to have a separate account so I am less likely to tap into it. Not sure just yet how much I can devote to it this month but my goal is at least $50.

2. Avoid Evil Overdraft Monster. Ongoing goal - this will be made easier I hope when I open my Emergency Fund at the same bank as my Checking Account.

3. Only use in-network ATMs. No excuses this time!

4. Buy Sister's Wedding Gift. Gosh darn wedding is only 17 days away!

So that's all for now. Wish me luck!

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