Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unemployment Watch 2009

So first, some good news: it's too early to count on this but according to some credible sources, I am going to be transferred to a new office by the end of the month. It's actually quite an exciting move and I am excited (and nervous) for the opportunity. I won't believe it officially until I see it in writing though.

In the meantime, I literally have to come to work everyday and do nothing. Not a thing. I have been cleaning out my office, taking walks, catching up on the Internet, reading celebrity gossip. I am bored out of my mind. If I had more personal time accrued I would be home in bed. Alas, I used most of the time left for that mini-crisis a few weeks ago. So here I sit, useless and scared.

I took a few hours off yesterday to do a major overhaul of my apartment and last night a potential renter toured it. I wasn't present for the tour so I don't know how it went but I can say that my apartment never looked cleaner. I found a woman on Craig's List to come in and clean for $18/hour while I frantically moved stuff to my fiance's apartment and met people on freecycle to get rid of unwanted junk. I know many people don't believe in splurges such as a housekeeper but wow does it look amazing. And if helps me get out of my lease faster it will end up saving me a lot of money. I'm crossing my fingers that I can be moved out by next month!

My office is dead. There is no morale left. No one is even really talking to one another as a lot of us are competing for the same jobs. It's really a crappy situation. I can't wait to get out of here but I'm also unsure of what the future holds. I hope I get good news soon.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you! I hope this stressful time will be over soon.

J. Money said...

wow, that is horrible i'm so sorry :( i had to do that once when our company was being bought out and it was freaky indeed - we played a lot of cards and even snuck in beer (which i wouldn't advise btw).

but at least your news of xfering may work out! that would be awesome. still sucky though.

Shtinkykat said...

Oh, that's the worst. The morale at my company is REALLY low too. It's really sad since now some people are resorting to backstabbing maneuvres. Keep your eye out on the backstabbers and keep your head up. I'm glad that there's positive rumors about your job prospects, though!

Anny said...

I hope you get transferred too!

As to the cleaning lady - I completely agree on the expense! It makes better use of your time and keeps you from having to do it ;)