Friday, September 12, 2008

Wow - Sprint Actually Helped Me Save Money!

A little while ago, I optimized my cell phone plan with Sprint. All this time I knew I was probably paying too much for my cell phone plan but I was reluctant to make a change thinking there would be some sort of consequence - I've been screwed by cell phone companies before and so have other members of my family. So I was pretty relieved (and pleasantly suprised) to see that choosing the plan that Sprint selected for me - based on it's analysis of my cell and text usage actually ended up saving me over $30 this month!

It also, unfortunately, let me see just how much money I've paid for my old plan this past year. See this:

Note that I don't know why it says "Check Over the Phone" because I pay it online with my bank account but you get the idea. The amount paid over the past thirteen months seems to have no rhyme or reason because I was pretty prone to paying whatever I felt like for my cell service back in my Money Moron days. Several times I had to pay the full amount due so that my service wouldn't be shut off. Sometimes I just paid whatever I had. But, averaged over the past thirteen months, I paid about $103 a month for cell service! What? How can that be so? I'm thinking the numbers are a bit skewed since many times I would not get the amount owed back down to zero each month. But either way, I was paying at least $70 a month for service. I know I paid $82 last month and the amount owed was back down to zero.

So guess how much my bill is for the first month under the new plan? $48.92!!

Yup, I saved AT LEAST $20 and probably more like $30 a month by switching my plan.

Which is pretty awesome since I was wondering how I was going to be able to afford joining my favorite hobby again with monthly dues of $35. Problem solved. Thank you Sprint!

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Sistah Ant said...

shoot, you're paying less than i am! congrats on the savings. love your blog, too - you're funny!