Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where it Went 08/20 - 09/02

Well this was definitely the worst budgeting period I've had since I've started the blog. I am actually SO glad summer is officially over so I can stop spending so much money! Between the wedding and the music festival, I pretty much blew the budget (and the amended Budget) out the window. My rent is going to post today (payday) so the next two weeks will be difficult. But luckily my payment to Aunt Sallie Mae is not due until the 17th (next payday) so I can hold off on paying that one until then.

But, without further ado, here's where my money went over the last two weeks, compared the Budget I made for myself, and the Amended Budget I made after the wedding:

Budgeted/Amended Budget/Actual
Rent - 725/0/0
Sprint - 83/83/83
Capital One - 20/20/20
Beauty - 60/230/230
Travel - 40/40/40
Wedding Weekend Money - 50/230/230
Repaid Mom Debt - 0/100/100
Old Roommate Wedding Shower Gift - 50/103/87
Utilities - 0/102/102
Savings Account - 0/50/50
Groceries - 0/0/25
Music Festival - 60/100/200

I ended the pay period with about $100 to be applied to my rent and everything else that's due in the next two weeks.

I'm feeling a little under the weather today but stay tuned for more entries about the music festival - as well as my plan for the next pay period!

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