Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where it Went 9/03 - 9/16

I made it to Payday! It was very tight but luckily the past two weeks have pretty much been devoted to moving Boyfriend into his condo so that hasn't been too expensive. I did temporarily move my $50 out of the Emergency Fund into my Checking Account because I didn't know when my $70 hobby check would clear (today it finally did). But I didn't end up spending the Emergency Fund because I had an unexpected windfall of $60 in blog income (yay!). But since it went to my other bank account I have to do some shuffling around. I will put the money back in the Emergency Fund today I promise!

So here's where my hard-earned Benjamins have gone the past two weeks compared to the Budget I laid out for them:

Rent - 725/725
Defaulted Student Loan - 260/260
Nice Collection Agency - 125/0 (hasn't gone through yet but don't worry the money is there)
Association Fees - 70/70
ATM fees from last month - 8/10 (damnit!)
Food and Misc. - 84/150

The $150 was a lot more than I planned I admit but Boyfriend and I haven't done any grocery shopping in weeks so I had a lot of lunches out. Will get to the store today! Also Out of Town Friend is in town and I bought some beer for us. She brought me three bottles of wine so I made out in this transaction, right? We painted the town red last night to the tune of about $28.

As for the job interview I mentioned, it went really really well. But it has now been 13 days and I've heard nothing. And I sent the requisite thank you notes.

In other job search-related news, I got a recruiting email from Miami for a very interesting position. Alas, I am in love with Boyfriend. And I don't have any money to move with (they do not pay relocation expenses). And I have a good life here. And, well, I'm just not the Miami type.

A girl can dream though, right?

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FruGal said...

Don't give up on hearing about that job yet. The summer is still only just winding up, so things are still moving very slowly in a lot of places :)