Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August Goals Redux

I nearly forgot it was the begining of a new month and thus time to reexamine last month's goals!

August was a pretty significant month. My Sister got married. My Boyfriend bought a condo. I survived three days and nights at a music festival. I finally started my Emergency Fund. I'm looking forward to a quieter, less expensive September.

My goals were not too ambitious in August but I still managed to fail one of them. Crappy. Here are the results:

1. Establish Emergency Fund. - Success! I opened up a Savings Account at the same bank as my Checking Account and deposited $50.

2. Avoid Evil Overdraft Monster. - Success!

3. Only use in-network ATMs. - Fail. When I was home for my Sister's Wedding I had lots of unexpected expenses and no local branch of my bank to visit. The same thing happened at the music festival. All told, I went to a total of 4 out-of-network ATMS.

fail owned pwned pictures

4. Buy Sister's Wedding Gift. - Success! And what a gift it was.

I also managed to pay my Mom debt of $100 which I wasn't expecting to do in August so that was productive. I am upset that all the expenses of the wedding means I couldn't pay my rent on time in September (it was one day late) but it happened and I'm paying it today and moving forward from my mistake.

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FruGal said...

That's a lot of successes! You've reminded me that I still haven't done my August round-up. I'm not sure I've done as well as you have :)