Friday, September 26, 2008

David Sedaris Watch and Friday Humor

So no word from David Sedaris or his agent yet. Sad. Perhaps I should have contacted them with a little more time remaining before the show. I still believe in the power of bartering, however, as a way of getting things you want without cash. I will be looking for a few more ways to do this in the future.

But, alas, all is not yet lost. I have also posted an ad on craig's list stating my desire for one free ticket to any ticketholder whose plans may have changed. It's wortha shot! I hesitate to put my desire out to my local freecycle because I always find it strange when people ask for non-neccessities on freecycle (like today when someone requested a "newer laptop") and also don't want to give out the impression I am looking for a date (yikes!).

A couple of months ago my girlfriends and I were about to buy tickets to a comedy show when a man unexpectedly gave us his extras in front of the box office. It turns out his company had bought too many. We were excited and proceeded to spend the $20 we saved on 4 cups of $5 beers. The comedy was bad and I fell asleep (okay passed out). Perhaps I can try standing outside the theatre again though it would be a little strange by myself. I believe my concert-going friends call his phenomenon being "miracled."

And in case you are curious what's so damn funny about David Sedaris that I want to see him in public read from his work that I could easily read myself, check out these (free!) clips from NPR.

And for you people too lazy/concerned for your job to stream media, here's a quote:

After a few months in my parents' basement, I took an apartment near the state university, where I discovered both crystal methamphetamine and conceptual art.
Either one of these things are dangerous, but in combination they have the potential to destroy entire civilizations.

:-) It's not for everyone, I admit, but he cracks me up. Happy Friday!


Jim ~ said...

This guy sounds like a true source of inspiration living in his parent's basement, doing drugs and zoning out to art. I hope you can follow my sarcasm. Maybe his life is a joke but I don't see entertainment value in it.

Sallie's Niece said...

Ha yeah he does have an interesting story to tell. He worked numerous terrible terrible jobs before making his fortune writing about his crazy family and his wanderings through life.

ldub said...

his books, his life, his humor, his aplomb, and his delivery are all very interesting, and he's a great example of someone who's cleaned up his act and serves as a role model to a lot of those people still going through the not-yet-cleaned-up period. a lot of fantastic art has come from people with effed up pasts and presents so, unless you're willing to give up, say, the music of the rolling stones and etta james and the art, literature, and humor of van gogh, hemingway, and richard pryor, i'd be exceedingly wary of denigrating the value of work produced by folks with foibles like you and me.

Savings not Shoes said...

He is my number 1 favorite author! I'm so happy that you're a fan, although I'm not surprised because your writing style is similar. He's such a riot. The Macys Christmas Elves story may be my fave. Good luck trying to get in and don't forget about side doors to the venue (wink, wink!).

Zombie Money said...

Good luck! I hope you get a ticket, he sounds like a cool guy :)