Saturday, January 10, 2009

Birthday And Boyfriend Bonus

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 29! My parents gave me $100! And the news gets even better because Boyfriend also found out he got a $2000 work bonus. Woo-hoo! It comes out to $1400 after taxes and Boyfriend in his extreme benevolence has decided to use the funds to pay for our upcoming Tahoe vacation! And the money that's left over we would save for our Orlando vacation too - now set for February!

We are very fortunate that Boyfriend has been able to accumulate so many frequent flier points and hotel rewards. And even more fortunate that now we have a giant wad of cash to spend on our trips. Thankfully, despite the fact that most companies are cutting back, Boyfriend's business is booming. All these perks don't come without a price of course. When I first met Boyfriend and he explained that he would be traveling for large extent of time I was a little worried. But we've made it work. So I consider it our reward for toughing it out that we get to take a couple of vacations.

In light of the good news, we've decided I would devote the $100 I had allocated towards our trip to my Emergency Fund. $126 down, $1874 to go!

With the money my parents gave me I'm going to look for a new pair of ski pants (hopefully on sale). I can't wait for my first experience skiing out West!


Anonymous said...

How can you buy ski pants when you still have all this debt and no savings? It's great that you're beginning to pay attention to where your money goes - but you are still spending all over the place. What about that loan to your BF and your other pal and your utilities? How about a pair of long johns and some jeans for a few days?

Sallie's Niece said...

That's a valid point, anon. But it's my birthday money that's going to pay for the ski pants. You can't ski in jeans. I tried that once when I was younger and it made for a pretty terrible day. I need to get my friend's new address so I can pay her back. Look for that to happen ASAP.

paisley penguin said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I think you should spend at least some of the money your parents gave you on yourself. It's your birthday!

asgreen said...

Happy Birthday!

Anny said...

Happy Birthday!

You sound very happy :)

DINKS said...

awww yeahhhhh!! now that's SEXY girl - you eat it all up :)

Escape Brooklyn said...

Happy birthday! Your trip sounds fantastic and even though you still have debt, you have to treat yourself now and then! Especially for your birthday. It's a necessary balance!

FB @ said...

Are ALL Anons assholes or WHAT?

It's your money you can do what you want. They're not the Money Police and it's your birthday.

You can't punish yourself for having debt. You need to treat yourself once in a while.

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