Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Budget 1/07 - 1/20

Another payday, another budget. Luckily my birthday is coming up very soon so I may get some checks in the mail (crosses fingers). Without taking those into consideration, here is my budget for the next two weeks:

Starting Balance = $1147

Boyfriend - 40 (to pay off Emergency Credit Card)
Emergency Fund - 25
Aunt Sallie - 406
Defaulted Student Loan - 260
Nice Collection Agency - 125
Credit Card - 15
Hobby - 70 (two months)
Groceries - 50
Tahoe Fund - 100
Misc. - 56

I'm going to set aside $100 now for my Tahoe Trip so that I will have some money for fun activities on the trip. I still have one more paycheck before we leave so hopefully I will manage to leave with at least $200 in spending cash.

We need to buy groceries as I've been eating turkey and other assorted party leftovers for the last week straight.

I need to pay Boyfriend the money I charges on his Emergency Credit Card because late night G&Ts are NOT an emergency. I also paid the minimum to my credit card before it was due just to get it out of the way.

Thank you all for all your suggestions about Lake Tahoe! I'm very excited to go! We're going to try dog sledding and other fun in the snow activities. The resort we're staying at (on the NV side) has lots of cozy fireplaces and an indoor/outdoor heated pool as well. I can't wait!

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