Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where It Went 12/24 - 1/06

I'm sick! And work is stressing me out otherwise I'd have taken the day off to recover. But at least it's payday. Here's where my money has gone over the past two weeks compared to the Budget I laid out for it:


Hobby - 35/0 (still not cashed)
Rent - 725/725
Water - 50/0
Utilities - 112/112.43
School Loan - 40/40
Sprint - 64/63.98
Xmas Present - 25/40
Groceries - 60/0
Misc. - 49/110
Clothes - 0/50

If that were the entire picture it wouldn't be so bad. But, alas, I didn't get any money from my parents as I was expecting for Christmas. That didn't stop me from hitting up the after the holiday outlet sales where I spent my grocery money AND put $17 on my credit card. Fail. I did, however, get some great deals.

I also put $30 in party supplies for our New Year's bash on the credit card. I'm glad the holidays are over! The worst fail of all, is when I got into a huge drunken argument with Boyfriend, stormed out of the apartment and proceeded to charge $30 at the bar on Boyfriend's Emergency Credit Card! Major fail.

And now, back to being sick....

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PYT said...

You're right, the holidays do always cause overspending. Which then you feel bad about, but good deals are always a reason to smile.