Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Budget 3/31 - 4/13

Sadly, it looks like I will fall short of my March Savings Madness goal of saving $2000 this month for the wedding. With an addition of $580 this pay period I will have transferred $1710 in the month of march. What's breaking the budget is buying a month of personal training for $280. But there's no use getting down about it now, I made the decision to really focus on my fitness goals, so focus I will.

I hope to post some pros/cons of working with a personal trainer after I have a few more sessions. One obvious con is the cost involved but the pros so far have been knowing there's someone who believes I can meet my goals and really pushes me to get there. I hope in the end, my improved health and self-esteem will be worth the money. And seriously folks, I'd appreciate it if you kept your snarky comments to yourself today...I've grappled with this decision for some time and I have made up my mind to spend the money.

Also my $184 state tax refund never showed up, despite the fact that I filed in early February. As of today when I checked the status online, it's scheduled to arrive on April 13th but it says that the amount has been adjusted. I wonder what happened? Did I screw up my taxes? Stay tuned.

So here's my new budget for the next two weeks...

Starting Balance = $1286*

Personal Training - 280
Perkins Loan - 93
Law School Loan - 80
Groceries - 75
Health - 45
Wedding Savings - 580
Misc. - 163**

*Paycheck is slightly bigger because I received a meal reimbursement, which is all well and fine, except that I was taxed on it....even after being taxed on the meals it covers. Where's the fairness in that?

**Includes $10 towards Administrative Professionals Day and maybe a new outfit for Easter.


Katalin said...

There's a difference between "snarky comments" and "being blunt". I think if you aren't able to take the bluntness maybe you shouldn't write about things you think your readers will disagree with.

Sallie's Niece said...

Good point, Katalin. I just meant that my fitness and overall health is a sensitive topic for me right now so I didn't want to hear the comments about the training being a waste of money from people who don't have all the info. But I write these posts to keep myself accountable financially so I can't very well hide $280 from my readers.

Unknown said...

Well, being blunt is it's nobody's damn concern if you choose to spend money on a PT. You're the one who deals with the consequences of your choices, and let me tell you, if I had the money I'd hire one in a heartbeat! The 12 sessions I'd previously signed up for one were brutal, but I looked so damn good after it was no joke :D. I don't think you can call training a waste until you've done it, and having done it, I don't think it's a waste at all.

Good for you, and I'm sure you'll look ultra-diva for your wedding!

WellHeeledBlog said...

I think it's great you're getting a personal trainer. I am actually considering the same route myself (and, um, private tango lessons).

Anonymous said...

Yes, and looking "ultra diva for your wedding!" is so very important.

I do wish you Disney princesses would grow up.

Unknown said...

At Anonymous,

I can't tell if you're being facetious or not, but in case you're being serious, I'll say this: Yes, goddamnit, looking ultra-diva at my wedding is SO VERY IMPORTANT!

Tell me to grow up when you've been in my shoes. And I love the Disney princesses, but I tend to get called a BAP instead ;-D.

DogAteMyFinances said...

A PT is not that big of an expense, and if it makes you feel better for your big day, go for it.

The thing about weddings is you can't please everyone. You're always going to have those $500 wedding people who think they walk on water and then you'll have the bombarding messages that 100K weddings are normal, and that if you don't have X you are cheap or poor or tacky or whatever.

I don't envy your position for sure.