Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Savings Madness

Wow, it's March! Which means the wedding is only a little over 4 months away. Yowser! My fiance and I sat down and wrote out the remains of what we need to pay for and how we're doing in our current wedding savings and it's time to step it up.

Which brings me to the March Savings Madness.

In the month of March, I, Sallie's Niece, will save $2000 for the wedding.

You may be saying "but Sallie, you only get net $2400 a month and have $925 in monthly debt obligations, however will you accomplish this goal?"

Well, a few ways:
  • I still haven't gotten my state tax refund, which brings me to a tax related conspiracy theory but I'll save that for another day. Assuming it comes this month that's $184 towards my goal.
  • It's a three paycheck month! So I can divert almost $1000 of the "extra" paycheck towards the wedding savings.
  • I got some extra work! Almost a year ago, I wrote about a court case I was assigned to, which sadly only netted me $50 at the time. Well it's finally ready to go to court so I get the remaining $500 of my statutory fee!

Plus my regular savings and a bit of belt tightening, I am confident I can reach this goal. Wish me luck everyone!


Lillie said...

Sallie's Niece, it seems as if you certainly have a mapped out goal. I know that you are looking forward to your wedding. With a little belt tightening, I think you will make it work. I'm cheering for you.

Chitown said...

Good luck with your goal!!!

I know you are super excited about the big day. =)