Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Budget 3/03 - 3/16

This budget is sort of annoying. I am anxious to put my March Savings Madness into effect, but I have to be patient because I have a lot of bills to take care of first.

Well technically, my monthly payment to Sallie Mae won't be debited until the 17th - my next payday, but I can't risk moving the money to the wedding savings before that happens. Oh well, the money is "saved" in my head.

Here's my budget for the next two weeks, before the March Savings Madness truly begins:

Starting Balance = $1275

Credit Card - 120
Wedding Savings - 100
Groceries - 75
Sallie Mae - 407
Defaulted Student Loan - 260
Nice Collection Agency - 125
Healthcare - 70*
Misc. - 118

*This amount reflects the $25 deductible I apparently owe to my dental insurance, which is lame since I ask every time at the dentist if I owe anything and haven't been there this calendar year. Oh well.

Oh and if you click through, please note that I have started updating my sidebars after several requests. I added my next debt I'm focusing on (my smallest and highest interest student loan). I am going to add savings goals next, stay tuned!


ldub said...

yay! i love that you added the law school debt. both because it's cool to watch someone else working on their goals while i work on mine, but also because i know that i always hold myself more accountable when my own goals are right up front where i can see them. and getting to move the progress bars totally motivates me!

ldub said...

p.s. came back to add - i think you'll be super excited when you see how fast your debt repayment goes after the wedding. i realized i'd been able to step up and toss so much money at wedding savings so that we could pay in all cash, which meant that i could manage to put that much every month to something, which meant... i could kiss my debt goodbye that much faster! it's been a really fun time, as a newlywed, because turning back from savings to paying off debt was really satisfying. enjoy!