Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where It Went 11/12-11/25

So I've noticed a trend in my spending. When I first get paid, I realize I have X amount of dollars left over for everyday expenses. It's not much unfortunately but it's there. So I spend it. I go out to lunch. I buy a bottle of wine. I don't plan very effectively because by the time the second weekend after payday comes, I am flat broke. I guess this is what they call living paycheck to paycheck. It's pretty annoying.

I'm going to try to change my ways and act the most conservatively on payday and the days thereafter so that when that second weekend comes around I can actually afford to go out and get a slice of pizza with my boyfriend and not feel like a miser. It's not going to be hard to do since it's almost Thanksgiving and I don't spend any money when I go home for the holidays.

Anyway, here's where my money went compared to the Budget I set out for it two weeks ago:

Aunt Sallie Mae - 406/406
Defaulted Student Loan - 260/260
Nice Collection Agency - 125/125
Boyfriend - 50/50
Hobby - 35/35
Trip - 55/30
Groceries - 80/50
Boyfriend Gift - 12/0
Xmas Gift - 25/0
New Clothes - 50/20
Contact Lenses - 0/20

I didn't get to the eye doctor because it cost too much money but luckily Boyfriend ordered us new contacts and I paid him $20. Today's my first day of wearing them and they feel so much better!

Since I didn't go to the mall where my eye doctor is located I still didn't get Boyfriend's Anniversary Gift. I did manage to save on clothes by avoiding the mall and hitting up a discount store instead, spending only $20 on two pairs of pants. I really don't like shopping but I really do need to expand on my professional wardrobe and going to a discount store enabled me to get pants very similar to these for $9.99.

And then there's about $130 that's completely unaccounted for. Oh I mean I sorta know where it went. I bought some snacks and a bottle of wine to entertain a friend ($25). I had a couple of lunches. I bought a six pack. It's not like I spent hundreds of dollars but when you are on a tight budget and with the holidays approaching it just seems wasteful now.

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Anonymous said...

What a progress you made since you started this blog! I am proud of you! Dont be too hard on your self for little pizza, soda here and there.