Monday, June 16, 2008

Boyfriend Birthday and Budget Envy

So today is Boyfriend's Birthday. We had a very nice weekend away seeing two concerts by his favorite band. I had been pondering what to do about paying for the hotel for this trip like I had promised but I had a heart to heart with him recently and said I really couldn't swing both nights plus a gift so I offered to either pay for one night or both but no gift, so he said not to worry about the hotel. Because of the scheduled work trip I have very little money left over after all my monthly expenses were paid. I am waiting and waiting (okay it's only been a few days) to hear back from my last job interview I went on last week because if I did (cross fingers) get the job, I wouldn't have to go on this pricy trip. But alas, no news yet.

I did spend less than I anticipated on Boyfriend's Birthday gift, however, as the item I wanted to purchase him proved elusive. One of the things I got him was "Home Buying for Dummies" because he is looking into buying a condo (more on that later!) and is devouring all he can on the topic at the moment. I gave it to him last night after we went to see a place together. I'm excited for him, but also a little jealous. I've wanted to buy a place for a while now. There are condos and even houses in my city I can get for LESS than what I'm paying in rent. But, alas, the lack of a downpayment and shoddy credit makes this dream just a dream for now.

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