Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I got a cost of living pay raise!

Happy news to really make me appreciate my newish job: we are all getting a cost of living adjustment of 3%! That's right, just as my own cost of living has decreased, I'm going to have a bigger paycheck. According to my calculations on my go-to paycheck calculator site, paycheck city, my new paycheck will be about $30 bigger after taxes and retirement contributions.

Incidents like this at work illustrate the difference between the public and private sectors. According to my research, the inflation rate has actually decreased since last year. Yet due to an agreement tying my pay to the pay negotiations by the public employee's union, we get a raise. Oh Happy Collective Bargaining!

And the best part, the raise is retroactive...meaning I will get a lump sum in tomorrow's paycheck of 3% of my pay for the past few months since I started the new job.

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