Monday, July 27, 2009

Got My Security Deposit Back!

I can safely say I never thought this day would come. My landlord was great when it came to fixing stuff, getting the sidewalk shoveled, etc. but that's not to say we didn't have our issues during my five year tenure in the building. And from what I heard from former neighbors he was notorious in denying former tenants their security deposits. I had pretty much written off the deposit as I paid it so long ago and figured he was going to find a way to keep most/all of my money.

Well color me surprised when I opened up the mailbox today and found a letter from my former landlord with a check for $492!! It's not the full amount I paid 5 years ago...he also included an itemized bill....but hey it's $492 I definitely was not expecting to get this week.

To the Wedding Savings it goes!


negative_net_worth said...

Congrats!!!!!! It's amazing how difficult it can be to get your security deposit back...enjoy your unexpected $$!

Daizy said...

Cool! I had an property manager send my bill to collections even though they actually owed me. It worked out eventually but still went on my credit report. Not fair.