Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where It Went 12/10 - 12/23

Gotta post my budget review a day early as tomorrow will be busy traveling for the holidays. I should be "home" now but decided to delay the trip to hang out with Boyfriend's OOT friends tonight instead. And believe me, after a crazy day interviewing and then surviving a work crisis, I wasn't in the mood to hit the Thruway or the rails. This decision may be a major fail in retrospect as we're about to get hit with another winter storm tomorrow (in addition the the foot of snow currently on the ground).

So here's why my money went unless something crazy happens before my paycheck gets direct deposited tomorrow morning:


Credit Card - 100/100
Aunt Sallie Mae - 406/406.96
Defaulted Student Loan - 260/260
Nice Collection Agency - 125/125.81
Prescription Co-Pay - 15/15
Hobby Fee - 35/0 (has not cleared)
Shopping - 45+/45+ (see below)
Groceries - 50/45

I got $258 unexpectedly. I spent it. In fact I spent $281 in miscellaneous unbudgeted items including a new suit, a hair cut and Christmas presents which means I am lucky that my Hobby Check always takes weeks to clear and I didn't get an overdraft fee for being $9 over budget. Total Fail.

But c'est le vie. Christmas is finally here and as stressed as I am right now about a lot of things I'm looking forward to spending some time celebrating with my family. Happy Holidays to you all!


paisley penguin said...

Sounds like you did pretty good on your budget. Have a great Christmas. BTW - mosey on over to my blog and consider yourself tagged. :)

Shtinkykat said...

Ha ha. Hope you enjoy a stress-free holiday, Sallie! Merry X'mas!